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Educational tours allows children to have the opportunity to step out of the classroom and explore knowledge beyond books. However, our emphasis is more on the practical aspects of life among the children. In an era of abundant material resources, we aim to restore the fundamentals of learning, such as perseverance, responsibility, respect, inclusiveness, and caring for others. Therefore, in our itinerary design, we incorporate various challenges for them to personally experience and solve problems, promoting interactive learning among them.

In order to allow students to develop in a more diversified manner, we have customized a series of experiences based on different age groups and needs. We welcome inquiries from various groups and organizations for itinerary suggestions and references.

Educational Tours Recommendation

Life Experiential in Hong Kong (HKS001-HKS002)

  • Experiencing practical life by shopping for ingredients at Hong Kong street markets.
  • Traveling through time and staying in the first-generation “H-shaped” revitalized resettlement building turned hostel.

5 Days 4 Nights Parent-Child Growth Journey(HKS003)

  • Children and parents face various challenges together.
  • Combining urban and outdoor experiences in Hong Kong.

4 Days 3 Nights Nature Camping Experience (HKS004)

  • Camping experience immersing in nature
  • Deeply explore Sai Kung, known as the “Back Garden of Hong Kong.

Chengdu Ancient Shu Culture Experience Tour

Understanding ethnic cultures is an important step in cultivating international cultural understanding. We will lead students to explore different cultural heritages such as the Sanxingdui site and the Jinsha site to learn about the ancient Shu culture. We will also arrange panda volunteer activities, creating a meaningful study tour experience.

China Zhaoqing Etiquette Culture Tour (OBS002)

Students will learn about the essence of Chinese culture and learn about etiquette through various experiential activities such as the Opening Ceremony for Writing Brushes, paying respects to the statue of Confucius, and practicing calligraphy with cinnabar.

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